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October 10, 2011


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Linda Pinda

I've loved your art since the moment I laid eyes on it a few years ago. And I have loved your posts about family too. Even in your silence, I never removed you from my blog list, as I did so many others. Why? Perhaps something was nagging at my heart to keep you in my thoughts. Though I had no idea, I certainly have hoped and prayed that you were busy enjoying life to the fullest with all your guys. I guess "enjoying" is not a word one can use. But I am sure you have been appreciating every precious moment together.

I will keep your husband in my prayers for a full, TOTAL recovery. And that your life together will continue to be blessed beyond your dreams.

... good to see your new work too :)



Lisa, I have no idea. My heart always goes to you and your family. Even if I'm silent. I hope you know. You can always unload on me.

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