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November 15, 2010


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oh my, i am in awe! i can't wait to see the final piece, amazing.


Hmm... I though that I posted a comment here. Anyway, I missed you and it is so good to see your impressive project and your boys growing.
Hugs your way,

Linda Pinda

I was so excited to see your update on my blog roll!!! Missed you.

Hee hee... Yes, I have that same reason for not getting as much done as I'd like to :D But I wouldn't trade it for anything. There will be way too much time to get things done someday, and no little ones to cuddle with...

Your new work looks incredible.

:)... Linda


Hi Lisa!

Why so happy to see activity on the blog:)

Glad to hear you're working on a big project! wow, it's awesome .... sure it will be beautiful!

a big hug,

Children illustration step by step

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