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April 20, 2008


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Ahh Lisa, this is so sweet :)
Happy birthday to your 4 year old boy... what a lovely peek into a lovely family ..
XX Rima

Amy Short

Oh I soooo know this feeling. There is always some drama in this house too with my 3 boys (2,3 1/2, and 5). I love the photo of you nursing. My peanut is climbing out of his crib now and I can't have that....he just turned 2! He must be contained!! LOL Your boys are beautiful. Happy birthday to Nate. Four is good!

Diane Duda

I have that same chair. I don't think we would all fit it anymore, though! Well, I guess, if we really tried.

My youngest (of 3 boys) just turned 12 on Wednesday. Happy Birthday to Nate!



Oh, Lisa! This is too funny! We both have two boys, and my oldest son's birthday was yesterday, too! He's seven, and every birthday gets harder for me. what happened to that scrawny little 6 lb 4 oz babe i brought home from the hospital? Waaaaa. Also, I totally get the "someone usually in tears" thing. There is never a dull moment around here, and it's beautiful. Isn't it? Life with boys. Nothin' else like it. Take care!

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